Quantitative Benchmarks for the Business/IT Services Industry

The business & IT services sector is the traditional leader in Big Data adoption and exploitation and in using Big Data solutions to achieve large profit increases. This is evident when we analyse the top-rated use cases. For instance, risk exposure assessment (predicting the potential future loss of business) and customer profiling & targeting and offer optimisation have the potential to increase profits (by up to 7% and 6% per year, respectively). While the customer profiling and new product development use cases relate strictly to profit and margin increases, the link between profit increase and risk exposure assessment is clear. Risk exposure assessment is an activity that, per se, relates to cost reduction. But, as it deals with potential losses (and not real ones), this cannot be considered a cost reduction-related activity. In exactly forecasting the risk related to an activity, an organisation can decide whether to follow up on it or simply to drop it. In so doing, the organisation is able to assess and choose only (or mostly) more profitable activities, disregarding those with high levels of risk.

Analysing the qualitative benchmarks, it is straightforward understanding why customer satisfaction and product/service quality are the KPIs showing the larger improvement from BDA adoption. Customer satisfaction is strictly related both to profit increase and the interest in the customer profiling, targeting and optimisation of offers activities; while product/service quality delivers larger customer satisfaction and links with new product development.