Quantitative Benchmarks for the Top 3 Use Cases by Company Size

Although it is entirely understandable that cost control is vital in the SME sector, whether for start-up companies or mature SMEs without significant growth aspirations, it is possible that encouraging BDA implementations with more transformative potential could have a more significant effect on the very important SME economic sector – also creating opportunities to obtain better margin and profitability. Medium to large organizations mostly focus their attention around the same use cases, such as regulatory intelligence, risk exposure assessment, new product development and price optimization. The most valued KPI in the medium-large organizations is primarily profit increase, followed by revenue increase and cost reduction. Moving to larger organizations (1,000+ employees) it is possible to see a slight shift in focus and interest to different use cases, such as profiling, targeting and optimization of offers. For very large organizations, the ability to optimize offerings around segment of customers can deliver large profits.