Quantitative Benchmarks for the Top 3 Use Cases by Industry

Agriculture and Healthcare sectors are the ones that can benefit the most in the near future from BDTs deployment, as the current level of adoption is still very low. Agriculture’s most-cited BDA use case is leading edge in terms of technology application (precision agriculture), indicating an appreciation of the potential for transformative BDA in the sector based on smart farming, in which BDA is a key component. While in Healthcare sector, the top three most-mentioned use cases are, however, generally concerned with cost reduction. Given the number of potential BDA applications in the sector whose primary benefit is efficiency improvement, based on the large volume of data now available for analysis, this is indicative of the pragmatic approach of the sector to BDA implementation. The most-cited use cases are concerned with efficiency and cost savings (risk exposure assessment and regulatory intelligence), which are consistent with aspirations for revenue growth in a sector where market share depends to a large extent on consumer pricing.