Qualitative Benchmarks by Industry

Qualitative KPIs (time efficiency, product/service quality, customer satisfaction, number of new products/services launched, and business model innovation) are measured on a rating scale of 1–5, corresponding to a range of improvements (from less than 5% to 50% or more). We used the average rating as the benchmark for each of these KPIs. This is not a perfect indicator, but it provides a good proxy for the level and size of improvements achieved by business users. It is remarkable that the most frequent score is 3, corresponding to a range of 10 to 24% improvement, which is a positive and realistic impact. There are interesting variations of the qualitative KPIs benchmarks by industry and use case which reflect well the way different industries exploit BDT to strengthen their competitiveness and respond to their users’ wishes. There are several cases of qualitative KPIs scoring 4 (improvements over 25% to 50%), especially for customer satisfaction and quality of product or service but none surpassing this scoring range.