Quantitative Benchmarks for the Telecom and Media Industry

Telecommunication (and media) sector is facing dramatic challenges in consumer choices. Now more than ever before customers have a little loyalty to these services providers and are able and willing to switch providers on the fly. The quality of the service and the customer satisfaction in this challenge play a pivotal role, and this explains why these two are the most important qualitative KPIs used by telecommunication providers and media companies. In this volatile context, real-time and advanced analytics are critical to provide excellent service quality and high-quality customer service (increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty), addressing technical issues in an optimal manner and proactively interacting with customers. This is translated from the most important qualitative KPIs also into the relevance of use cases. Among the top three use cases for telecommunication providers and media companies, we find automated customer service and customer profiling, targeting, and optimisation of offers. Both the two use cases are valued with large increase of profits (both 6%) and revenues. The top use case, product and service recommendation system is valued in terms of profit increase and is linked to customer satisfaction. With this use case, semi-automated systems recommending specific products/services to customers and users according to their profile and needs, it is possible to leverage on customer satisfaction and customer stickiness to boost profits. Concluding on telecommunication and media, the most impactful KPI is profit increase.