Welcome to the business user journey

This space is a summary of the options implemented in the Toolbox for a user interested in big data benchmarking from the business perspective.

We know that technical and business perspectives are often intertwined and therefore difficult to separate, especially if you want to assess the business performance of a big data solution, architectural or tool choices. In this page you will find some hints on how to use the DataBench Toolbox to find interesting facts, tools and solutions about benchmarking to support you in your journey towards deciding about business choices. We don’t expect business users to select specific benchmarks (look at the technical user journey if you are interested on that), but to find interesting facts about business KPIs by industry or use case, lessons learned, examples, etc.

You can browse and search in our catalogue from the Toolbox without registering, but if you want to have full access to DataBench resources you should register to the Toolbox. It is easy and painless.


User journey

As a beginner, you have a set of Knowledge Nuggets (knowledge pieces) to understand what big data benchmarking is and what it can do for you. We recommend you click on the FAQs link in the main page or type “beginner” in the search box and enjoy!

Searching for existing knowledge about benchmarking: Users have the possibility of searching in several ways:

  • Search box in the top right corner of the Toolbox. This box allows you to introduce any of the metadata fields and will provide you access to existing resources related to technical and business benchmarking.
  • Browse the Knowledge Nuggets Catalogue of our knowledge base.
  • Guided search by selecting some of the most used metadata fields.

Once located, you could select one knowledge nuggets or a technical benchmark and navigate to their own page to look for more content. Benchmarks and nuggets are marked with metadata indicating their main features.

If you are interested in technical aspects, you may wish to look at different architectural blueprints. Type “blueprint” in the search box to find them.


User journey

As an advanced business user, you may want to compare the position of your company with others in the same industry. We recommend you engage with the self- assessment tool  and take a questionnaire to understand better your stand.

We recommend you type advanced or intermediate in the search box.

Look at the different nuggets prepared for specific industries, sectors or company size. You may search for:

You will find your ways to filtering the results as you play with the tool.

If you would like to suggest new content to the Toolbox you can use the Suggest Knowledge Nugget option under the Knowledge Nuggets menu. You will be prompted with a form to make your suggestion. Note that this is intended to provide knowledge about the use of big data technologies and AI, so any piece of information, examples, best practices, ways to derive metrics or KPIs, or anything related to benchmarking might be of interest to the community

Other user journeys an advanced user might be interested in:

But there is more. Eventually, the tool will provide further technical and business insights based on previous knowledge, best practices from existing projects, etc.