BDV   Reference model

Extracted from the BDVA SRIA Document

The BDV Reference Model has been developed by the BDVA, taking into account input from technical experts and stakeholders along the whole Big Data Value chain, as well as interactions with other related PPPs. The BDV Reference Model may serve as common reference framework to locate Big Data technologies on the overall IT stack. It addresses the main concerns and aspects to be considered for Big Data Value systems. The BDV Reference Model distinguishes between two different elements. On the one hand, it describes the elements that are at the core of the BDVA; on the other, it outlines the features that are developed in strong collaboration with related European activities. The BDV Reference Model is structured into horizontal and vertical concerns.

  • Horizontal concerns cover specific aspects along the data processing chain, starting with data collection and ingestion, and extending to data visualisation. It should be noted that the horizontal concerns do not imply a layered architecture. As an example, data visualisation may be applied directly to collected data (the data management aspect) without the need for data processing and analytics.
  • Vertical concerns address cross-cutting issues, which may affect all the horizontal concerns. In addition, vertical concerns may also involve non-technical aspects.