About DataBench Toolbox

Based on existing efforts in big data benchmarking and enabling inclusion of new benchmarks that could arise in the future, the DataBench Toolbox provides a unique environment to search, select and deploy big data benchmarking tools, giving the possibility to generate unified technical metrics and, most importantly, going the extra mile and derive business KPIs for your organization.

User journeys: What type of user are you?

Whether you are more interested in the technical aspects of benchmarking, or your focus lays more on the business aspects we have prepared a set of user-journeys ready to help you while working with this platform.
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Technical users

Technical users

Business users

Business users

Benchmark Providers

Benchmark Providers


In this section you will find a compilation of the most useful information that can be accessed from this toolbox

Benchmarking Organizations

Here you can find a compilation of well-known benchmarking communities


Its main goal is to support the final exploitation and sustainability of the project’s results by providing information and guidelines to the future users of the DataBench Toolbox

Technical Benchmark Catalog

Quick access to the list of technical benchmarks stored in the toolbox


Frequent asked questions and it's answers can be found in this section. Things such as what can the toolbox do for you? What can you find in it?...

Architect blueprint

A compilation of knowledge nuggets that contain the most representative architectures used in each industry group can be found here

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DataBench Observatory

Dive into the DataBench Observatory tool to find information about different aspects related to Artificial Intelligence coming from multiple resources, such as papers, EC-funded projects, articles and jobs.

Knowledge Nugget Catalogue

Quick link to the complete list of knowledge nuggets stored in the toolbox